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 Two parts of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization
  • Each page of the website except the home page must focus on business topic. The plan is to use keywords for home page in the title tag, description metatag, headline or subheadings, and in rest of the content. Create an "Opt-In System" in blog, corporate home page, sales page or landing page, and give free bonuses in exchange for referrals or subscribers' emails. Incorporate an "Upsell," "Downsell," or a "Tell-A-Friend" web page with sales page.
  • Links are a recommendation for a website worth visiting and relevant; begin with submission of your website in different directories. Offer relevant content on website that is worth to link with, and write articles that others would like to display them on their websites, each with a link back to yours. It is suggested that you utilize blogs, press releases, link exchange programs and affiliate links. Finally, participate actively in professional and social groups as it will help you build your goodwill, creditability and exposure

PPC or Pay-Per-Click Search Campaigns: These campaigns are a way to increase your web traffic and profits. Set up "Split-Testing" to optimize your PPC ads and optimize and refine click-through rate. This will help get you top placement at a low cost.
Blogs, Newsletters, and Social Networks: These tools will help you get and retain clients by being their advisor. They inform clients regarding latest trends, new products, sales, promotions, special offers, and business promotion.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM):
Your online business is not automatic. Internet marketing is another marketing strategy to reach out to more clients and increase sales, but demands lot of work.
Moreover, it is suggested that you do the following:

  • In addition to everything you can do in normal ways, you have to do these things on the internet too. Instead of listing your company in the yellow pages, submit your website to search engines, directories, and industry websites on internet. Launch ad campaigns with banner and classified ads, and start cross promotion and website affiliate programs. Write original and fresh articles, issue newsletters, and list your products with auction sites and shopping comparison. Increase your credentials by participating with creditable rating services.

  • Develop automatic and systematic methods to grow your business. Promote your business in every possible way, including normal strategies. Improve your site efficiency, always be genuine, and serve as a trusted guide to your clients in order to gain their trust. It is your responsibility to ethically and sincerely advise them on all products and services that they need

Remember! Your prospective client spends only a few seconds on your site before they jump to other websites. Clients need to know the advantages and incentives if they buy from you. Your website pages should be concise and to the point. In addition, videos are an ideal way to display your products.

People fail businesses - Businesses don't fail.
Respect competition! Expand your products and improve your services by feedback from your clients and shopping behaviors analysis. Never miss the chance to serve your clients better with cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.
The best thing is to have a plan and dedicate your self to it to guarantee success.

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