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 Various SEO Factors

The common problem with website owners is that they want their website on the first page of Google, whilst the common problem those true Search Engine Optimization experts is that it is not 'rocket science’ and that if they really want their website on the first page they just have to do some 'hard' work some follow simple rules.

As an SEO expert I could not agree more with this comment, getting a website listed is all about hard work and the following of what after all sets of quite logical rules, but SEO is also not 'tough’ for another reason.

SEO is not a rocket science

Well, in my opinion SEO is not complicated for one main reason, and that is that unlike rockets, which have to follow technical rules of the physical world, the SEO expert is dealing with rules that

(a) Are not completely known and understood, and that

(b) Google MSN and Yahoo can decide to change the way that any of these 'rules' work.

Imagine you are a rocket scientist and you are told that gravity might or might not be operating in its normal way the day you are planning your next mission in the space? I feel that you might experience a few sleepless nights and do some serious consideration about whether to put your self aboard or not...

To confirm this typical fact, you have to look at the listings for any keyword and analyze the websites that are listed on front page. You will come across some websites that 'deserve' to be there and you will also find some that do not. Take a look at these websites in detail and you will soon be asking the question "Why that website is listed on front page?"

Use one of these 'Miracle' SEO products that are able to show you why a website is listed and yours is not. Look at the data provided by them and you will see all the major indicators like 'keyword density', header tags and bold, lists tags and italic, with results all over the place, often the websites that best match with the 'rules' are not in the positions they 'should' be.
Of course the data provided by such programs is only a small part of what is required to be done, and the interaction between all the rules bears some similarities to the way that weather works, so it is not surprising when reality does not match up with what you think it should, that is a part of the SEO challenge.

It’s more Like Rocket Art!!

Therefore, SEO is not Rocket Science, it is an 'art' and a bit of 'mystery' as pointed out above, we don't know all rules, and if we did we don't know just how much meeting them will mean. So give thehard working SEO, his / her due, they are doing their best in an uncertain world (like all of us) and cannot always guarantee the results that you as a website owner might expect, the online world justdoes not work to the same physical rules as the rest of the universe.

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